Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Whispering of the Stormchoir

Georges Jules Victor Clairin, La Grande Vague, 1893-1898.

As the Dawn danced with maidens and mist,
The blackened waves raged a noble war
And stormed the walls of mythical mountains,
Drowning the empty and drought fountains.
From above rained down passion and blood
Drowning Angels in a darksome flood,
As forgotten lovers of a mystic’s night
Lay waste and murder, desecrating light.
Exiled fiends rape and ruin
And Cherubs blow their ivory horns,
The saddened sound of an apocalyptic retreat
Bringing the Heavenly cavalcade, to death and defeat.
The distant Stormchoir softly whispers
The birth of a City and Palace, Temple and Shrine,
As the winds blow, and Earth ordains a King
Of Pathos and Grace, for whom the stars shall sing.
Hail, the ancient Triarchy of the Lost Lovers
Of the star-lit sky, the dreamlovers’ bed,
For their land shall shine moonrisen from the frost
To embrace what was in the light, asleep and lost.