Thursday, 13 September 2012

Enchantment, the Emerald Mystery

Heinrich Lossow, The Enchantress, 1868.

Emerald vines and ivy mournfully wrap themselves around the remains of a once glorious marble temple. From lands beyond the horizon, believers would come in ecstatic procession to partake in the mysteries, inhale the scent of a midsummer’s night dream and to rejoice beneath the shimmering silver silhouette of Selene. Now those distant memories revealed themselves to the faery, mournfully waltzing to the euphony of the soft breeze, a nostalgic echo trickling alongside dim rays of sunlight through the untamed canopy of woodland delight. The all-embracing dusk descended upon the emerald glade, smothering it in the sweetness of the twilight’s moistly mist and casting ever-changing shadows that dance around and amidst his marble remains slumbering in her emerald arms. The constellation of the lovers smiled softly as they glimpsed through the darkened canopies and witnessed lost souls of undying memories joining the shadows in their alluring serenade of mystique and serpentine charm. And deep within the feverish forest, the lunar dryad awoken to hear their primeval laughter and poetic utterances of ecstasy and mischief as they slither to the drumming of the nocturnal pulse and the rhythm of Pan’s flute. The lunar crescent upon her brow and gemstones of jade her eyes, she now stood before the faery and her sorcery, revealing to her the secret of her name.

To be continued...

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