Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Hymnic Invocation of Thoth

“Thee I invoke alone, thou who alone in all the world imposes order upon gods and men, who dost transform thyself in holy forms, making to be from things that are not, and from the things that are making the not to be. O holy Thoth, the true sight of whose face none of the gods endures! Make me to be every creature’s name – wolf, dog, lion, fire, tree, vulture, wall, water, or what thou will’st, for thou art able so to do. Even as Horus, if e’er he called on thee, O greatest of all gods, in every trial, in every space, ’gainst gods, men, and daimones, and things that live in water and on Earth – had grace and riches with gods, and men, and every living thing beneath the Earth; so let me, too, who call on thee! So give me grace, form, beauty! For I know thy name that shineth forth in Heaven; I know thy forms as well. I know thy names in the Egyptian tongue, and thy true name as it is written on the holy tablet in the holy place, where thou dost have thy birth. I know thee, Thoth, for I am thou, and thou art I!”


  1. This is beautiful!

    As an aside, can you direct me to a spell that addresses nosey neighbours?

    1. I am glad you find this hymn beautiful. Unfortunately I do not know of any spells which might address nosey neighbours, but I am sure that if you read through the "Greek Magical Papyri" you will surely come across something useful.